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How it works

The Scouting Phase

Explore your business model, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses and come up with a detailed digital report and your investment readiness score using our own startup scouting technology

Scouting Phase


Signup and fill out our pre-diagnose assessment, and get the free one-to-one checkup session.

Scouting Phase


Our consultants will audit all your business aspects through having 2 dedicated mentorship sessions with your team.


Scouting Digital Report

You will get the final detailed report which contains our consultant's feedback, todos, and recommendations.

Navigating Phase

Suggesting business consultants, skilled executives, trusted agencies, and tools to help you overcome your challenges on the strategic and execution levels. Also, we will be following up with you closely throughout the whole process.

Scouting Phase

Strategising & Planning

BiznesClinics' mentors and business consultants will be answering your questions and working with you on your detailed strategic plan.

Scouting Phase


Whether your team or the professionals you chose will be working on building the required assets and executing the todos to achieve the planned KPIs.



Congratulations! Your startup is now indeed investment-ready! Our consultant will be reviewing your business model, pitch deck, and financial projections and help you reach out to the right investment entities.

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Don't hesitate, BiznesClinics team will be mentoring you throughout the whole journey!

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The best place for all early stage startups to find answers for their uncertainties to start, grow and get fund.

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